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Towed Vehicle Locator

You can find out if your vehicle has been towed by entering specific information about your vehicle. You can either:
  • Enter your license plate (tag) number and select your issuing state, Canadian province, US Territory, or organization (US Government, Diplomat) from the dropdown menu and select Submit.
  • Enter your vehicle identification number (VIN) and select Submit.
License Tag  (Do not include spaces, i.e. ABC123)
 US State   Canadian Province   Other  (US Territories, Diplomat, etc.)
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)  (Do not include spaces)
If you do not know your license tag or VIN, please call 311 (if calling outside the 202 area code, call (202) 737-4404). You can also contact the District's Towing Control Dispatch Center at (202) 541-6083 to find out if your vehicle has been towed. Please note that this number does not accept messages. See Towing and Impoundment for more information.